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Consumer Application Methods: Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Control

small vegetable garden

Our customers are very creative when it comes to how they use our product. While Red Lake Earth is currently registered only as an anti-caking agent and pelleting aid for use in animal feed, many of our customers have seen amazing results for various other uses. The information below was provided by a customer, explaining how she uses the product and the results that she has seen.

A few years ago I started purchasing Red Lake Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from the local pet/livestock feed store.

I am a market gardener and I till a small amount of Red Lake Earth  into every row before planting. This prevents root maggot damage. As well, the DE helps the soil retain subsurface moisture.

Red Lake DE has been an immense support to control above ground insects, both hard shell and soft bodied insects, such as aphids. I use it in greenhouses and potted stock for control of aphids, white flies and fungus knats. In greenhouses, I spread Red Lake Earth around the perimeter. When applying DE to my plants I use a rose duster which works very well to administer the powder.

I try not to apply the diatomaceous earth above ground to any plants that harbor beneficial insects, as it will kill them also. However, in the case of a severe infestation, I have found that DE works well and have applied it above ground when needed.

I have also used Red Lake Earth for flea control. It helped to get rid of the problem, which has not since returned.

A friend once unknowingly infected my home with bed bugs (just a few, but it doesn’t take long…). I did some research and treated my home as suggested, particularly around the beds. It worked! Unfortunately, although I gave her some diatomaceous earth to use, the infestation in her apartment block made it impossible for her to successfully eliminate the problem in her unit.

I never have less than 200 pounds of Red Lake DE on site.

Thanks to Red Lake Earth I am able to operate without using any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Image by scrumpyboy

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