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Stall DRY vs. Kitty Litter: Differences and Similarities

horse in pasture

Stall DRY is made from a natural blend of diatomaceous earth and calcium bentonite. This makeup is similar to many of the Absorbent Products Ltd.’s cat litter products however, Stall DRY does not contain the sodium bentonite that is present in clumping cat litter. The lack of this ingredient makes Stall DRY safe to use with all types of animals, even if consumed.

Stall DRY is ground to a specific granulation in order to be highly effective for liquid absorption and odor control. In fact, Stall DRY provides better absorption than cat litter due to the large surface area provided by this finer granulation. Cat litter can absorb up to 100% of its own weight in liquid while Stall DRY, produced for use with larger animals, is able to absorb up to 140% of its weight in liquid!

Image by ell brown

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