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Become a Doganthropist

two puppies in the grass

What is Doganthropy?

 Doganthropy refers to helping dogs in need. It is a unique system on that empowers human-dog teams to help dogs in need.

How Does Doganthropy Work?

DogHeirs members join and become Doganthropists. They display a “Click to Help” button on their dog’s profile that supporters are able to click on once every day for free. Each click is transformed, by sponsors, into aid for dogs. Sponsors contribute to the DogHeirs Community Fund, which provides grants to not-for-profit organizations that work to help dogs in need.

The more you click the greater the contribution so be sure to visit everyday and click on the “Click to Help” button located on any Doganthropist’s profile.

For information and to find out how to become a doganthropist visit:

Image by hernan.mojarro

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